Bashir Dawood: providing the helping hand for those in need

Bashir Dawood

Over the past decade, the world in general and Pakistan specifically witnessed several natural calamities, whereby millions of people have suffered an immeasurable loss of life, livelihood and livestock. Pakistan has been struck by two major earthquakes, several floods and droughts that have left huge populations displaced and debilitated, exposed to the elements.

In addition to this, millions have had to abandon their hearth and home due to terrorism that has swept through the country. The Dawood Foundation, Supported by Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood, has during this time been active in distributing relief goods to the affected populations. Funds were collected, relief goods procured and with the help of the army distributed to those in need. Volunteers from the associated companies of the Dawood Hercules Group along with students of the school have worked together to prepare relief packages for their fellow nationals.

Philanthropic initiatives

Bashir Dawood represents a legacy in health care for underprivileged from dialysis to oncology to transplantation. This without a doubt is one of the finest examples of philanthropy, the family has spent over Rs 3 billion for all the projects being the biggest donation in health care in the public sector.

Charity and a drive to help those less fortunate are crucial across the globe. Philanthropic initiatives help steer signs of progress towards a healthier world, which Bashir Dawood & his family intimately understand.

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